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About me:

Skilled 3D artist. Likes to work in a fast pace and search for features that can do the job fast, with the same level of quality.  I can adapt quickly to new environments. No problems in meeting deadlines, able to cope with heavy pressure. I'm a problem solver, quick learner, creative and analytic thinker, eye for detail and able to search for ways to make processes faster.

My Specialties:

  • Strong rigging set-up and weight skinning ability, experience include but not limited to biped, quadruped, prop, facial, wing, cartoonish, realistic character rigging, etc.

  • Can do Muscle layout, Muscle simulation

  • Solid understanding of Animation principles.

  • Intermediate Python level.

  • Cloth and Hair Simulation in Maya -Xgen, Shave & haircut, Ncloth.

  • Good modeling skills.

  • Lighting in Maya with Arnold.

  • Basic Compositing skills with After Effects.

  • A generalist experience of CG animation pipeline.

  • Beginner Maya Python API  level.



Skype: akshat2033

Phone: +91 9871378726


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